PRP injections for hair restoration in men

iStock 1040532764 1Are you an older male struggling with maintaining thick, lustrous hair? Is the natural process of aging causing thinning and loss that makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance? If you have struggled with hair thinning and loss and want to find a solution that works at effectively restoring hair without surgical interventions, it may be time to talk to our team of professionals at Renu Med Lounge Corp about the benefits of PRP injections. 

Understanding how PRP works 

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” Your blood already have PRP in it. This fluid that can be extracted from a patient’s blood can be used for cellular regeneration. Using a centrifuge that spins and separates PRP from a patient’s blood draw, the fluid is then reinjected where it is needed. PRP has been used for many purposes, improving the skin and joints, and when these growth factors are injected into the scalp, they can help stimulate hair follicle growth. PRP is commonly used in the field of medicine to promote tissue healing and regeneration, and time and time again shows promise in thickening hair for men. 

Does PRP hair restoration work? 

We find that many patients respond well to PRP injections and will find that their hair is restored in thickness. It can be used for male pattern baldness or thinning triggered by stress or other medical conditions. With the help of our team at Renu Med Lounge Corp, patients can work with a professional and find results with simple injections into the scalp. Many of the patients who visit our practice have been unable to retain or restore their hair with other methods such as topical medications or special shampoos and conditioners. 

Discover thicker, fuller hair with PRP injections 

With platelet-rich plasma, patients in the area of Studio City, CA can improve their appearance and address hair thinning and loss in a more natural, holistic manner. If you are ready to learn more about PRP injections for hair restoration, call Renu Med Lounge Corp today. We are located at 12246 Ventura Boulevard and can be reached for an appointment at (818) 308-7131.



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