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img 0720 3If you have recently been looking to improve your body contours, but have done what you can with diet and exercise, it might be time to speak to a professional about the benefits of nonsurgical, noninvasive fat reduction and skin tightening. At Renu Med Lounge of Studio City, California, patients have access to a wide range of advanced solutions to enhance the body without plastic surgery. Whether you want to destroy fat, tighten skin, or sculpt your muscles, it’s time to step out of the gym and into our med spa! 

Body contouring and sculpting solutions at Renu Med Lounge 

In the past, the only way to contour the body outside of becoming more active and eating a nutritious diet was to undergo plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks. In addition to being expensive, these treatments are also incredibly invasive and leave patients at risk of infection and scarring. Instead, today’s patients have access to noninvasive alternative treatments that provide results without surgery. This includes the Evolve system available at Renu Med Lounge 

Our practice offers three types of Evolve treatments, including: 

  • Evolve Trim
  • Evolve Tone
  • Evolve Tite

Each one focuses on providing a specific benefit, whether it be fat removal, skin tightening, or muscle sculpting and stimulation. The procedures do not require any downtime or recovery, and patients are free from risks such as infection or inconsistent results that might be seen with liposuction or tother surgeries. 

Which one is right for me? 

We work with patients to help them achieve their goals. Patients considering fat reduction to contour their body may be best for the Evolve Trim treatments, while those seeking treatment of skin laxity will want to consider the Evolve Tite. Additionally, we offer muscle toning solutions such as the Evolve Tone. 

Learn more about the Evolve body contouring solution 

Are you ready to enhance your body’s contours without the need for plastic surgery? Connect with the team at Renu Med Lounge to discuss the advantages of the Evolve body contouring system. The office is located at 12246 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA, and can be reached by calling (818) 308-7131 for an appointment.



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