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The stresses and hectic nature of modern life can leave our bodies on the short end of the stick, not receiving adequate amounts of all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. Our cells need fuel from these essentials, but poor food choices, too many hours spent at work, and lack of sleep can leave them deficient.

You can take all the vitamins you want orally, but we all know that most of those are flushed right through our digestive system. We’re lucky if our body receives 40 percent of vitamins taken orally.

At ReNu Med Lounge, we offer a better method for taking and retaining the vitamins, minerals, and microelements your body craves — IV Therapy. IV Therapy delivers these necessary nutrients directly into the bloodstream in a simple an quick process. At ReNu Med Lounge, our patients love our IV Therapy offerings to treat everything from warding off wintertime colds to upping energy levels to recovering from a hangover.

Available IV Therapy Options

Hydrate and combat fatigue from dehydration

Burn fat, feel energized and boost your metabolism

Decrease recovery time & enhance your performance

Boost your immune system, feel better faster

Minimize bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain

Fight acne, wrinkles and tired skin from the inside out

"Gold Standard" for overall wellness

Glutathione is the body's 'master antioxidant'. It is essential for detoxification and neutralizing free radical stress

Mental clarity, antiaging support

Iron infusions are used to treat anemia caused by low iron levels

Ease hangover headache, nausea and dehydration

What is IV therapy?

It’s common knowledge that Americans spend more money on the vitamins and minerals going down the toilet than being enjoyed by their bodies. Introducing them orally simply means the vitamins have to fight their way through the digestive system…and they lose.

On the other hand, delivering these nutrients directly into the bloodstream is 100 percent efficient. That’s the idea behind IV Therapy at ReNu Med Lounge.

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IV therapy has been used for decades in hospitals to treat conditions from dehydration to nutrient-absorption disorders. The pioneer of IV vitamin therapy was Dr. John Myers, who developed the Myers Cocktail over three decades ago. Now, we offer the same treatments in our med lounge to address a variety of recovery and wellness issues.

The types of IV Therapy we offer at ReNu Med Lounge

We’re continually looking to expand our IV Therapy offerings, but these are the general goals of our current IV products. We can also create customized IVs, just for you.

  • Myers Cocktail — The original IV therapy, this is the Myers Cocktail you’ve heard about.
  • Hydration — Hydration to replenish your electrolytes and other nutrients.
  • Energy Boost — The vitamins and minerals you need to beat that energy crisis that hits you around 2 every afternoon.
  • Immunity — Protect yourself against that co-worker who comes to work sick.
  • Jet Lag — The best way to recover from that 10-hour flight.
  • Hangover — Our B vitamins, electrolytes, and hydration are better than your aunt’s “miracle” hangover cure.
  • Recovery — After that crazy workout or 15-mile hike, your body needs electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, and other essential nutrients.
  • Weight Loss — This recipe boosts your metabolism, the key to losing weight.
  • Venofer Used to treat anemia caused by low iron levels

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?

Everyone needs essential vitamins and minerals, but we’re not always focused on giving them to our bodies. Diets heavy on fat, corn syrup, and preservatives tend to be thin on vitamin/mineral content. But our IV therapy at ReNu delivers the nutrients your body needs directly into the bloodstream. This truly could not be more efficient: 100 percent of the vitamins and minerals are available for your body. The antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and other supplements are absorbed quickly, and they get right to work because they’re delivered through the body’s vascular system.

Candidacy for IV Therapy

Uh, everyone. Yes, that means you. You may think you’re getting the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients your body needs, but reality begs to differ. That’s because it’s extremely difficult in today’s world to eat right all the time. Throw in workouts, lack of sleep, sick co-workers, and a little too much fun last night, and your body can use the direct help of IV Therapy at ReNu Med Lounge.

Everyone’s needs are unique. Our IVs fall into two categories: wellness and recovery. If you’ve just returned from a business trip to Australia, you want help fighting your jet lag. Our energy or Myers Cocktail IVs could be helpful for recovery. We may not have to fight the snow in our Southern California winters, but colds and flu, or even COVID-19, are more prevalent this time of year. Our immunity wellness IV could be just the ticket.

Once you tell us what your problems or goals are, we’ll discuss which IVs would fit your needs. Or we can create a custom IV just for you.

How does an IV Therapy session go?

We first provide a complimentary consultation and review of your medical history, as well as taking into account any health and wellness concerns. Our ReNu Med Lounge RN handles all of our IVs.

The actual process of intravenous delivery of the contents of the IV takes about 40 minutes. Afterward, you can get right back to work or your normal activities with your body starting to make use of the vitamins, nutrients, and other essentials you just provided.

Is there any recovery after receiving my IV?

No, you can get right back to your normal life.

The risks with IV Therapy

The general risks of IV therapy are very low. They basically revolve around the IV itself, which can cause bruising, soreness, nerve damage, and infection. Since every IV we deliver is new and sterile, the risks are extremely low. You may feel a little lightheaded when the drip begins. If this happens, we can adjust the flow of the drip and this feeling will pass.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to my IV?

It is possible that the IV may react with drugs or medications you are taking. That’s why we screen you with various questions about your current health situation prior to administering your IV. If there is any doubt as to a possible reaction, you will not receive treatment.

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