Nutrition and weight loss services available at Renu Med Lounge

girl measures the waist and uses proper nutrition. Detox drinks, ingredients, dumbbellsEveryone wants to look and feel their best. They want to appear younger and combat the signs of aging, while living a healthy lifestyle and achieve the right body weight. However, for some individuals, this is easier said than done! The team at Renu Med Lounge of Studio City, California works regularly with patients to help them achieve the results they want with nutritional and weight loss services.

What services are available for weight loss and nutrition?

  • Nutritional counseling – our providers can sit down with you to learn more about your eating habits and find ways to reduce your weight with dietary changes. It is always a good idea to evaluate the foods and drinks you enjoy each day and how they may be working against you in your weight loss journey. Our team will educate patients on the benefits of the right nutrients and minerals in their diet, along with ways to change their eating habits for lifelong weight control.
  • IV therapy – many of us lead busy lifestyles that may make it difficult to get the vitamins and minerals we need to function and feel our best. With the team at Renu Med Lounge, we may suggest IV therapy. This is the administration of vitamins and minerals through the bloodstream right in our office. It can help in fueling the body and combat stress and poor food choices.
  • Body sculpting – in addition to nutritional counseling and IV therapy, our team also offers body contouring treatments to sculpt the body once you have reached your ideal weight and are actively participating in a healthy lifestyle. Body sculpting is achieved without surgery using our Evolve Trim, Evolve Tone, and Evolve Tight therapies.

Call Renu Med Lounge for more information

If you’re ready to make a healthy change, it is time to speak to the team at Renu Med Lounge of Studio City, CA. Our providers are here to help you learn more about ways to improve your health and beauty with weight loss and nutritional services. Call (818) 308-7131 to request a consultation visit with our team at 12246 Ventura Boulevard.



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