How to address melasma

Dark spots freckles dry skin on face middle age woman .Men and women who develop patches of brown or gray on their skin may be curious as to what has occurred. This discoloration can come about gradually and appear anywhere on the body, though it is often spotted on the face. This condition, medically known as melasma, leaves many patients stumped as to how the discoloration occurred and what can be done to treat it. With a proper diagnosis, patients can work with the team at Renu Med Lounge to find solutions for treatment.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition that causes the development of patches on the skin. It more often occurs in women, with only 10% of cases being reported in men. The discoloration of the skin can develop over time. For some, it can worsen, while for others, it can come and go. This condition can be problematic for patients who are embarrassed by the changes in their skin tone. Melasma is often seen in patients with darker skin tones due to the higher levels of melanocytes in their skin. This includes patients who are of the following descents:

  • Asian
  • Latin/Hispanic
  • Indiana
  • Mediterranean
  • African-American
  • Middle Eastern
  • North African

Those who live in areas with intense and regular sun exposure and who have blood relatives with melasma may find they are at a significantly higher risk of developing melasma. It has also been linked to the use of certain skincare products, phototoxic medications, and hormonal fluctuations.

How is melasma treated?

For many patients, melasma can come and go on its own, especially if it is caused by a trigger such as hormonal changes. However, others who do not see improvement in their melasma may want to speak to the team at Renu Med Lounge about certain treatment options, which includes certain light therapies, increased sun protection, and topical lightening creams.

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