What is PRP and how is it used at Renu Med Lounge?

istock 1164186891Do you experience hair thinning and loss? Have you noticed little to no results with special hair growth products and shampoos? Are you uneasy about the idea of having a hair transplant performed? If you are a male in the area of Scottsdale, AZ, and are interested in finding out more about hair restoration methods that are less invasive though effective, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph C. Berardi, can assist. He is pleased to provide a tried-and-true method of combating hair thinning and loss called PRP injections.

Understanding PRP and how it works

PRP is an acronym for “platelet-rich plasma.” This is an element naturally-occurring in the blood that has been found to have restorative properties. There are many ways in which this plasma is used, and at Renu Med Lounge, we proudly offer hair restoration services using this methodology.

To obtain PRP, patients start with a blood draw at our office. Once the blood has been harvested, our providers run it through a centrifuge which separates the PRP from the rest of the elements of the blood. Then, the PRP is injected directly into the scalp to help stimulate hair growth within the follicles. There are no allergic reactions to these injections as they are obtained from the patient being treated. The PRP works at the source and can provide a natural method of addressing hair thinning and loss in both men and women.

Who is a candidate for PRP injections?

Patients can book an appointment at Renu Med Lounge to discuss with our providers in Studio City, CA the options available. Many patients with mild to moderate thinning and loss are appropriate candidates for this treatment.

Discuss PRP and other cosmetic procedures available at Renu Med Lounge

Patients of the Studio City, CA area who are interested in finding effective treatments for hair thinning and loss are welcome to book a consultation visit with our team at Renu Med Lounge.  Our facility is located at 12246 Ventura Boulevard and accepts new patients from in and around the community of Studio City, CA. Interested patients can call our office at (818) 308-7131 to request an appointment with our team.



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