What is light therapy for men?

Light Therapy Studio City, CAWhen patients think about a med lounge or spa, they might believe it’s only for women. However, at Renu Med Lounge of Studio City, California, we also assist men with a wide range of concerns. With light therapy using our LightStim device, men can find a solution for many different concerns including acne, wrinkles, and pain.

• Acne – for many years, dermatologists and other skin professionals have worked with patients interested in the treatment of acne. Light treatment has been used because it has been found to be very effective in reducing and eliminating stubborn acne cases. With LightStim, existing breakouts can be calmed and the skin can be improved in appearance and health.

• Wrinkles – fine lines and wrinkles are just a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep them there! With LightStim, men can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that may cause them to look older than they really are. Regular treatments can also slow the overall aging process of the skin. LightStim therapy can also be combined with other treatment options available in our practice for dramatic results.

• Pain – as we age, muscle and joint pain become a more common thread amongst men. If you are dealing with arthritis pain and stiffness or minor joint and muscle pain, LightStim treatments may help you in reducing discomfort while eliminating the need for over-the-counter pain medications.

Is LightStim therapy right for me?

At Renu Med Lounge, we encourage men and women interested in the benefits of light therapy to schedule a consultation visit at our practice to determine if they are a proper candidate. We strongly recommend patients booking their appointment and speaking to our team about their unique needs and goals, which helps us in developing a treatment plan that works best for achieving these results.

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