Ventura Blvd Magazine Top Doctors and Healthcare Pros Issue featuring ReNu Med Lounge

ReNu Med Lounge is thrilled to be featured in Ventura Blvd Magazine’s Top Doctors and Healthcare Pros Issue. The feature spotlights Dr. Sylvia Ashour, MD and the ReNu team of beauty and wellness experts.

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ReNu Med Lounge is a luxury boutique med lounge offering beauty and wellness treatments including Botox and fillers, IV vitamin therapy, lasers, body sculpting, Morpheus8 microneedling, hair restoration therapy, and medical weight loss. The ReNu team includes master injectors and experienced proceduralists Sylvia Ashour, MD, MA, Mari Abdulian, PA-C, Armita Amini, PA-C, and nurse practitioner Monica Mikhael. Esthetician Yvonne Cervantes specializes in hydrafacials, European facials, skin care and waxing. Caty Van Houten-Williams, DC, is a chiropractor with over 35 years of experience who uses a myriad of modalities to help the body heal and function at its best capacity. Dietician Galia Kesheshian works with patients to implement a specialized nutrition and weight-loss plan.

Why did you start ReNu Med Lounge?

I have more than 14 years of experience in the field of anesthesiology in plastic surgery and aesthetics. After surgery, many of my patients asked me to administer IV vitamin therapy to help in their recovery process. This experience fueled my passion for helping others feel and look their absolute best.

We opened ReNu Med Lounge in October 2020, and it has been incredibly fulfilling to help so many patients with their concerns. I have the privilege to be at the med lounge every day performing procedures and interacting with our patients firsthand. 

What are the most important traits to succeed in your industry?

Giving our patients honest guidance is something we really pride ourselves on. When it comes to aesthetic and beauty treatments, it’s important to have a practitioner whom you trust and who will only facilitate treatments that will really benefit you. Also, having the right team of seasoned injectors and proceduralists has helped us build a community of patients who rely on our expertise. Our patients have a personalized experience at ReNu, where we all work cohesively to help patients reach their aesthetic and wellness goals. 

Describe some of the ways you help clients improve their healthy habits.

When you look good, you feel good, and this feeling expands into all other areas of your life. Our treatments are curated to reverse the aging process, boost wellness and provide an overall drive to be your best self. We keep you looking and feeling youthful, energized and rejuvenated.

How do you measure success?

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our patients. Nothing makes us happier and more fulfilled than seeing transformative results and addressing our patients’ concerns. Enhancing our patients’ lives for the better is the reason we do what we do.



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